St. Patrick’s Day!

There are so many things to love about the holiday whether your Irish or not! I mean Chicago loves it so much, they die their river green! I mean, who doesn’t love St. Patrick’s Day? The leprechauns, the rich green color, the feeling of spring, my Great Grandma’s birthday, the clovers, McDonald’s Shamrock Milkshake and more! Speaking of milkshakes, I just had a homemade strawberry one last night. I can’t wait to try the “Shamrock Milkshake” at McDonalds, though… People are raving about it! What do you like about St. Patrick’s Day or do you prefer to just call it a regular day? Have fun exploring the capital with the map I’ve embedded.
~ Daisy
P.S. The map will not show up embedded in my blog because of’s malfunctions, so visit at home. (By the time you’ve done that, I’ll have had time to fix up my blog at home by adding “prettiful” colors and pictures!)


2 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. my mommy’s birthday is on st. patrick’s day! : ) haha. yea, the mcdonald’s shamrock shakes r actually REALLY good!

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