I can’t wait!

I can’t wait for the javascript to get back to normal so that all (some of them, have been fixed) of “wordpress’s” problems can get fixed. That way, everything can go back to fun daily blogging.  I can’t wait for Spring. I can’t wait to make massive bubbles outside with our new bubble sticks. It seems like there is so much fun waiting ahead, for me… I can’t wait for the smell of hyacinth and tulips but most of all I can’t wait till’ Spring Break and Easter! What are you excited about?
~ Daisy
P.S. Wasn’t it warm and beautiful yesterday?  Do you think this bubble is legitimate or fake?


7 thoughts on “I can’t wait!

  1. Just to make your day ever better, I’m going to tell you that the weather man changed the weekend forecast and now there’s only going to my 0-2 inches of snow this weekend. So there’s a good chance that there might not be any snow at all.


  2. it looks legit. i can’t wait 4 spring & easter! also, 2 fix the page 4 ur blog 2 create a new post on, go onto on ur dashboard, and click domain.

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