Is Swonderful a Word?

This weekend was wonderful. On Friday, we went to see Avatar at the Milwaukee Public Museum in I-Max 3-D because it was my Dad’s birthday! Both the movie and the cake were amazing… On Saturday I went to the State Forensics Meet in Neenah, WI (a thousand miles a way from here) and had a blast.Ā  The T-Shirts we got today (that I’m wearing now) are totally wicked! Ā  Sunday, my sisters and I hit Humbolt Park and failed at tennis but redeemed ourselves in a bubble blowing competition. Overall, my weekend was great and as a bonus I finished all of my homework! I think I deserve a round of applause! I’m in such a good mood and as far as I know everyone isn’t too ticked of f which is, swonderful!
~ Daisy
P.S. Don’t forget to check out this week’s , “Weekly Fun w/ Mady” video. I think you’ll all have fun with it. …


13 thoughts on “Is Swonderful a Word?

  1. I bet that movie had to be awesome in the I-Max in 3-D, i saw it in lame old 2-D. What do you want me to nickname you on my blogrole.

  2. I would really love to see that movie in the I Max!!! and. I think Swonderful is a word because it sounds awesome!!

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