Yummy in my Tummy!

This might come as a shocker to all of you, but I had nothing after school yesterday!  That’s right, I did my science homework and basically went along for the ride, literally!  My sisters had piano lessons over in Wauwatosa, so I rolled down the window and became hostage to the wonderful Spring scenery.  While my sisters were in their piano lessons my mom and I went window shopping and we came upon a florist called, Urban Sense (cool name) selling fun old fashioned candy.  I was excited, and so went in and picked out a few things.  My favorite, out of his entire selection were the “Nik-L-Nips” that I love to savor in my mouth.  You don’t find them too often anymore, so it was a real treat!  First, I eat the red ones, then the blue ones, orange ones and I save the green and yellow bottles for last!  I probably sound like a child, don’t I.  I’m kind of embarrassed that I’m getting all worked up about extinct candy but these little things are what make my day!  Thanks to all who commented on the “Weekly fun w/ Mady7!” but remember you have until next week.  Currently, my dog is winning, but you never know!

~ Daisy


10 thoughts on “Yummy in my Tummy!

  1. You’re an amazing writer Mady. I love your blog so much. I never tried old fashioned candy before. It must be treat if you say it’s very good. I’ve never been to Wauwatosa.

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