Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Not just because of the wonderful egg coloring, but because of all the fun I have on Easter day! I can’t wait till’ Friday when all the fun begins. Soon, there will be the smell of cookies in the air. Soon, there will be hard boiled eggs scattered across the table waiting for me to color them. Soon, I will be hunting for eggs in my Great Grandma’s backyard in Lake Geneva… I simply can’t wait until all the fun unfolds! Can you believe it’s already fourth quarter? Graduation is only several weeks away! Scary yet exciting at the same time! How do you celebrate Easter?

~ Daisy

Aren’t they lovable, I just want to hold one!


15 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Madyln I don’t care when you make fun of me, but when is behind my back it hurts my feelings. So don’t call me a hypocrite because I don’t really talk behind peoples back. Also I called you Sunshine Kittie on my blog.

    • What are you talking about? Peter, your the one that creates all the drama. You make fun of me and I laugh about it… All I’m doing is trying to play around with you! You get so defensive… If I did call you a hypocrite it wasn’t because of that, it was because of something else. So drop it, or I just wont make jokes anymore.

      • Mady, you don’t understand I don’t mess with you and I have not for awhile. The only people I mess with out of your friends are Ashley, Sara, Cassidy and Edhela I am sorry if I hurt your feelings from my comment I had a bad experience with people talking behind my back.

    • peter thats just rude. you should at least say it to her face, NOT on her blog where everyone can see. It is also your fault with the drama. Im not saying i dont cause any im sure i do but still. you two are my friends so i want you two to forget the drama and just knock it off.

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