My sister’s birthday is on th 18th (Sunday), so shes having a party at Country Springs and with my scattered mind I began to think about balloons.  I realized that I love balloons! “Yes!  I really do…”  I know it’s a pretty random topic to write about on a blog, but that’s me!  Balloons have so many different purposes and somehow they make people feel better.  Maybe it’s their egg like shape, their magnificent colors or the way they just float in zero gravity!  I wish I had the power to make people feel better with just one glance….

From water balloons to this huge dog shaped balloon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (I don’t know how you shape a balloon that big), I now pronounce April 13th as, “The Official Balloon Appreciation Day!”  Thank you to all balloons who have brightened up human lives.

~ Daisy


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