What would life be without color?  Can you imagine a world without it?  Color is my life, literally.  I would hate to live without knowing what orange, yellow or green meant!  I would hate not to have nail polish, hair color or simple pleasures like a rainbow in my life.  I suppose I wouldn’t even care if I didn’t know what color meant in the first place but now that I know, I’m not sure if I could go without them?  Try to picture the sun a big dull circle in the middle of a blank sky!  I cant and regardless of if thats my problem or not I would never want to live without my precious paints and shades of beautiful yellow and indigo.  Could you live without it?  Be honest.

~ Daisy

I love nailpolish!


3 thoughts on “Color

  1. there’s no such thing as living without color though! if everything was black and white, it’s still color! it’s such a crazy thought mady!

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