My Tiara

Many of you are probably gazing at my cute purple tiara, wondering why in God’s name I’ m wearing it, right? Well, let me answer that quickly. No, it’s not my birthday. Actually, my sister’s was yesterday. No, I’m not a princess (though I’d like to be)and no, I’m not seeking attention. Wearing this tiara was a spur of the moment and wearing it makes me feel special! Come on guys, isn’t it fun to dress up once in a while and be little again? The reason I wore this tiara was to prove that though I’m almost fourteen I can still have just as much fun as I did years ago without being embarrassed! So, there you go! I hope your satisfied with my response and who knows, maybe everyone will start to wear tiaras like Lydia and I! Maybe after wearing one you’ll feel happy enough to stop gossiping and causing drama in this school! Sorry, my sarcasm goes overboard quite quickly. I’m just sick of everyone starting things and never being satisfied unless some kind of stupid argument is going on. Thank you all for excepting my tiara into your world. Now, have fun watching this week’s video!

~ Daisy


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