Home Depot

Don’t you think it’s kind of odd that every time you plan out a blog post the day before, you forget entirely about it the next day. So really, its no use! Let’s get to the point, hence the title, “Home Depot.” Well, we finally picked out our carpet and paint for the third floor but whats even more interesting is what happened to my mother upon entering the flower center there.  So, she was looking at the orchids innocently, right?  They’re exotic plants so they’re real pretty and exotic.  She really loved this one that was a beautiful green and coral orange.  Getting to the climax here, I promise!  Being her curious self she went to sniff it and examine it’s unique center.  Shes a master gardener and she had never seen one before!  So while she was about an inch from the flower this huge exotic spider woke up and started stretching its legs.  My mother was so shocked that she said she jumped three feet high!  Though, that probably was an exaggeration…  She loves spiders and so she didn’t report it.  It must have been exotic!  Have you ever seen a green or pink spider around here that has perfect orchid camouflage?  It’s pretty creepy but all the same I’ve learned to just ignore bugs and let them live their life.  Pretty interesting story, don’t you think?  Comment on what you think!

~ Daisy


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