Was yesterday, “Put Your Kids to Work Day?” I swear, I must have done at least ten loads of dishes! I’ve done work before, don’t get me wrong. But ten loads of dishes is a little harsh for a daughter who hasn’t done anything wrong (recently) and deserves a relaxing weekend! Are there any perks to being the oldest child? Well, no bother complaining about it know. Thanks to the dishes, I forgot to upload my, “Weekly Fun w/ Mady 10” video. So, I apologize. I promise to post it tonight, though! So, check my blog out after school! Have fun and give it some thought…

~ Daisy

It is not as fun as she makes it out to be!


9 thoughts on “Dishes!

  1. i’ll make sure 2 watch. i no. doing dishes suxx, btu i’m the youngest and i get thrown ALL the work in the apartment! It horrible.

  2. Yesterday was the day I didn’t do any work. Hahah. I usually do chores, but i guess my mom didn’t know about that..

  3. I never get to wash the dishes, and I’m kind of happy because just cleaning up the table is a hassle for me. Anyways, why did you have so much dishes to clean? Was there a party?

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