I think I’ve blogged about Chicago before!  Yah, cause I was just looking at the link and it states, “! I love Chicago…   I cant wait until the 8th grade field trip.  Chicago is such a great city.  It’s way bigger than Chicago and in addition, there are so many fun things to do.  On, “Student Off Days” my Mom takes us down there to see my Aunt Lorelei and her family and we have a blast!  I think one of the things I’d love to do besides shopping is ride the ferris wheel at Navy Pier!

~ Daisy


7 thoughts on “Chicago

  1. Have you been on a trolley before? Those things are so cool! The wind feels awesome in your hair when the windows are all open. It’s so cool.

  2. I’m never been on a ferris wheel in my life. I don’t know why….. Something about them scares me. It’s not the height, I’m not afraid of heights…. I don’t know what it is?


  3. Chicago looks very cool in the picture. I can’t believe we are going to Chicago as a field trip. That is going to be pure awesomeness!

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