Yesterday was so much fun! I confirmed my Mom’s addiction of flowers, went to a greenhouse,  and played outside all day.   Could it have been a better day?  She bought enough flowers to cover our whole car yesterday! Boy, this weather is great! Later today I promise to post some pictures I took yesterday. It’s my sister’s birthday today (the one you sang to in lunch) and she’s having some friends over, so that will be fun… “Ta ta for now, everyone!”  I’ll tell you how the party went tomorrow!  “Tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow…  If only a day away!”  (That’s a very old, but catchy and unforgettable tune.)


7 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Tell your sister Happy Birthday for me! By the way, you really have a great camera. All the pictures are so clear! And oh my goodness, I love your dog!

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