Most people immediately think about poison ivy when someone mentions, “ivy.”  But, ivy can be a beautiful thing. Some of my favorite houses have ivy amongst their exterior walls. There is something so beautiful to me about green lush ivy leaves on an old brick building. Maybe that’s just my weird wack-a-doodle self talking. Maybe I’ll take a picture downtown today of the beautiful ivy on the buildings and use it as my blog-header. How do you feel about the subject? Do you think ivy overwhelms and invades a house’s exterior walls? Or do you think it builds a buildings character like me? Comment and I might write a follow-up post based off your feedback…

~ Daisy


3 thoughts on “Ivy

  1. Oh my goodness, come to think of it, some houses DO look great with ivy all over their exterior walls. It kind of gives it a distinctive look that sets it apart from every other house in the block. What I mean by that is that it makes it look kind of homey and nice in the same time. Great post Mady! I love your blog! It’s so refreshing and relaxing.

  2. When I was little, Ivy used to freak me out. I would think that the Ivy would swallow the house, so whenever I saw it, i’d tried to rip it off

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