Happy Birthday Sara!

Yes, it is Sara’s Birthday and in celebration I’d like to dedicate today’s post to Sara in the hopes that it will cheer her up. I’d be pretty bummed too if my birthday fell on a scummy day like this. If you’d like to be a good person and help me cheer her up please sing along… “1,2,1,2,3,4… Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday dear Sara… Happy Birthday to you!” Thank you to those who did sing it for real or in your head, it probably means the world to her. If you didn’t sing then you have issues. Just kidding! Have a marvelous day Sara and everyone else…

~ Daisy


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sara!

  1. To My Extrememly Unique WinniWhoooo…..

    The bird thing was really scary….I don’t know how I didn’t swerve…..
    My advice for that would be….Keep your windows closed! That is ridiculous! I’m keeping mine open and love bare feet too…!
    I love Shakira too!
    Thanks for picking such a cute picture of me during the bird episode.

    Mother With Feathers in Her Hair

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