Tomatoes vs. Ketchup

All my life I’ve been the kind of person to like things like banana bread and ketchup but not like their sources. Some of my friends are like that but I feel the need to get it out there because I’m totally freaked out be it! How can someone love a product but not love its source. It’s totally wacky but at the same time it makes sense. For instance, I don’t like bananas because of their texture but love my Mom’s banana bread because it might have the taste but it gets rid of that weird texture. Am I weird? Am I going totally bonkers? Are you that kind of person? Comment and help me cope with this condition!

~ Daisy


6 thoughts on “Tomatoes vs. Ketchup

  1. Banana bread is good! Although, I know what you mean by “you don’t like their sources.” I don’t like bananas as much as the bread they’re in. And ketchup, is much better than tomatoes. Tomatoes are a bit sour when you’re just eating them raw. Have you ever tried the cherry tomatoes? Like the little version of a tomatoe?

  2. For some reason I used to like ketchup when I was four but now I don’t. By the way Tomatoes are one of the things that make ketchup Great pun “tomatoes vs ketchup”.

  3. I’m not like that with bananas, I just don’t like them in general. But I’m like that with tomatoes and ketchup. I absolutely hate tomatoes, but I like ketchup is alright (though I prefer mayo.”


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