I can’t wait until graduation! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll miss all of you but I really have the itch to start new and put myself in a different world. I want a fresh start! I know a lot of you feel the same way… In fact, many of my friends are very excited about picking out classes and electives for high school. Graduation will be great and I’m singing! Early, I’m going to wish you a great summer! Love you all! Well some of you… Just kidding!

~ Daisy


10 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Man Mady I am going to miss u I really hope you have an awesome summer and u better go on facebook your first day of High schoool and write a post I think everyone tht is in this school should do it to . Also, keep up with your blog I love your writing i will be checking Mady. OMG THIS IS GOING BY SO FAST !! ! !! ! !!!. Tht was funny , but we love you to well the ppl IK do.

    ~Ana Maria~

  2. I can’t wait for graduation! I mean, don’t get me wrong, Burdick’s great an’ all but after you’ve gone here for nine years you really start to get sick of the place.


  3. I’m sort of going to miss Burdick because I’ve been at Burdick since k4. Oh well I just like too say we will all miss you Mady when we go to High school.

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