Veggie Tales

To be honest, whenever I watch the Veggie Tale episodes I laugh my socks off.  Yeah, its easy to get me to laugh but seriously…  The characters themselves are talking asparaguses and broccoli!  I think there is something pretty funny to say about that…  What do you think?  I mean, I enjoy the adventures that the mini yellow squashes have on the television but I have even more fun laughing at how silly the whole concept is.  Is that mean?  I love creativity but talking vegetables really tickles my funny bone.  What do you have to say about Veggie Tales?

~ Daisy


7 thoughts on “Veggie Tales

  1. I realized that Veggie Tales was about different sections of the Bible. My favorite character is Larry the cucumber. Great Post ! 🙂

  2. Not Sam….Momma G here

    my kudos to any artsy person that would put on one of these costumes…They are trying to make us eat healthier gang! Heaven knows with all the junk availavle now-a -days….It is quite difficult!

    Love to all the Vegie Tale lovers and Haters!!

    Momma G

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