Birds and Freeways

My mother had the weirdest encounter on the freeway yesterday.  Out of the blue, without warning or signal a bird came crashing through her window!  What would you have done?  Screamed, yelled for help, swerved out of control and crashed, or simply ignored it….  Well, my mother (the dare devil, nature girl) screamed at the top of her lungs until the bird flew away.  She was so scared that she didn’t even recognize what the bird was.  Not to worry, the bird got off the floor, jumped on the seat and flew off into its flock in the sky…  No harm done.  But, it just goes to show you how out-of-character you can behave when unexpected events unfold.  Thank you!  I’ll be here all night…

~ Daisy

To prevent this from happening to you, click here.


10 thoughts on “Birds and Freeways

    • Momma G here!

      What? Like I had a gun in the car…..? That actually is scarier than the bird flying quite literally across my face…Gun? Shall we shoot at the bird while driving? Dhall we close the window and trap it so we can shoot it later? Maybe dinner with the Vegie Tales? Wow…I’m scaring myself!

      Momma G

  1. I probably would have peed my pants lol. I’m absolutely afraid of birds, they scare the life out of me!

  2. I once was driving down Layton and I saw this bird attacking an middle aged woman’s hair! No lie, this actually happened. Just ask my mom for proof, she was there….


    • Ashley- Never take popcorn to a beach! My friend and I were in Clear Water Beach, Florida. Sherry brought a huge bag a popcorn in a brown paper bag. There were at least 100 Ocean Gulls……Larger than the gulls around here, swarming us! It was more terrirying than the one in my car. The were out for Bloody Popcorn!

      have a great Friday


  3. I immediately told myself; after the feathered friend left my vehicle, I would never drive with my windows open again! I pressed the close buttons on all FIVE windows ..
    OH,,,That lasted about 10 seconds! Who was a kidding! Open windows, just like bare feet should be in the Constitution! Along with FREEDOM!

    Love and Peace to All,
    Momma G
    aka Jennifer

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