I went swimming yesterday and better yet, I didn’t get sunburn. It was after school and therefore we didn’t have to put any on. It was refreshing and wonderful. I practiced diving,some laps, and had some “noodle wars”… I love swimming if you haven’t already noticed. I felt bad for Samantha the whole time because she had got sunburn at track and could barely swim. Anyways, it was nice to visit with my grandparents and get some time to relax. Believe it or not, I’m in a wonderful mood! I hope it doesn’t get spoiled by some catastrophe… Now I’m going to conclude this post before any “jinxing” happens!

~ Daisy

Look, mermaids!


6 thoughts on “Swimming

  1. i love your picture =] and i get to go swimming everyday!! i’m so happy. my neighnor has a pool and we get to go swimming when their home. it’s pretty cool =]

  2. Aw dude! I hate it when I get sunburn and I can’t go swimming. It burns horribly! I feel so bad for your sister. Hey Mady, how deep was the pool?

  3. She said you can;t start a conversation with out getting frustrated. I told her______________________. So Your Wlkome.

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