Most teenagers my age would swallow down an Easter basket in no time but I still have left over candy!  Come to mention it, most of the candy the Easter bunny delivered was pez!  I love pez.  The fun containers are handy and portable and whenever you want a craving you can pop the one of the little bit sized candies (numerously flavored) into your mouth.  Did you know that they have chocolate flavored pez?  All this talk of pez is inspiring me, really.  Maybe I’ll start a collection of pez containers or waffle down a package when I get home.  Whatever the case I hope you comment, rate, and enjoy some pez this summer.

It’s such a cool word, “pez!”

~ Daisy

P.S.  This weekend was jam-packed with homework! 😦

Theres seven more days until Graduation!


20 thoughts on “Pez

  1. wow. people usually eat all my candy otherwise i would still have mine=] and i like the little characters that are on the Pez things.

  2. pez means pepermint in some oddd language i think. pez is so good! my favorite is the cherry or red ones. whatever flavor that is.

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