I Saved a Turtle

I know it’s kind of late but I’ve had so much to blog about lately!  I can’t get it all into one post…   One thing I meant to tell you on Monday, was that I saved a turtle!  Yah, no joke.  It was on the highway coming home from my Grandparent’s (dad’s side) house in Big Bend.  It wasn’t enormous but fairly big.  It was scared at me at first.  One of its arms had been run over so I wanted to get it to a nearby pond.  That way it wouldn’t be road-kill again.  When I tried to pull it out of the grass I realized it had a great grip but I eventually got him and when I did, he went into his shell.  I put him in a pond by my grandparent’s  house and we all lived, “Happily Ever After!”  As far as I know…   I feel like a hero!

~ Daisy


13 thoughts on “I Saved a Turtle

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