It has been forever…

Like I said, it has been forever since I’ve written!  I’m going to try to be more good about this.  What’s is with everyone giving up?  That doesn’t make me very happy.  Blogs are a way to keep in touch.  Cassidy, you can’t leave me!

Anyway, I’m working the Mount Mary Art Show this weekend and I’d auditioned for the Secret Garden last week and are waiting to here back from the drama department @ my high school…

Nothing much, just the usual!  Homework, homework, and more homework!  How are you guys doing?  Keep me updated.  Love all of you!  Enjoy your weekend, embrace it!



GO PIUS XI POPES!!!!!!!!! (Our football team is undefeated.)


3 thoughts on “It has been forever…

  1. Hey, Mady! Long time no see! I really miss talking to you. I’ve had so much homework lately. . . I spilled idodine on myself in biology on Friday. It started to burn so I had to hold my hand under cold water for five mintues.
    So many people have stopped blogging. Kyle is pretty much the only one who’s consistent, but Megan blogs every now and then. I try to blog over the weekend when I’m at my grandma’s, but it’s been tough. I don’t want to give up blogging though. . .


    P.S. I’ll try to call you later when I get home!

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