I got into the Secret Garden!  My part, “the traveling-reader” really doesn’t have a fundamental script.  Instead, we are what the actor’s decide.  Typically, we set the tone for the scenes.  We open our books and the character’s that we imagine appear.  I suppose there’s not much talking but a lot of stage time and singing…  I’m really excited!  Our first rehearsal is on Monday.  Then, every weekday after school till’ six.  From there I go to swim practice till’ nine.  I’ve got long days but it’s always been that way…  Ask Ashley!

Hope you guys are enjoying high school just as much as me…  Who’s going to homecoming?

If anyone is interested in coming to see the play, I can email you the who, what, when, and wheres…  It won’t be fancy; just a lot of fun. (In My Opinion)

~ Daisy


5 thoughts on “Excited

  1. That’s great! Congratulations! I knew you’d get it!


    P.S. Keep bloggin’! I am whenever I can. Check out my blog! I’ve decided on which college I want to go to. It’s in London. I put on a link to their website! It’s so cool!

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