Cotton Candy

I’ve never had cotton candy and I guess that makes me uncultured in that area of American culture.  It’s not that I’m afraid of its magical fluffiness or sneaky flavors.  I’ve just never really had the need to eat it or been given the opportunity.  Usually when I’m at the fair or somewhere that offers it, I find something better!  What’d you t think?  Do you think that I’m crazy?  Tell me!

– Madelyn

It looks untouchable!  Like, it isn’t something you should eat.  More like insulation to put in-between your walls!




I’ve been thinking about the word lately and it has given me quite a bit of confusion.  They are these beautiful insects, right?  Well, why do we call them butterflies?  They don’t look like flies and they have nothing to do with butter.  I’m really getting quite annoyed with the English language.  What is including butter in the name doing for us?  Are we implying that they are overweight?  Who are we to say that a butterfly has clogged arteries?  Where does that leave us?  Uhhhh!!!

Another thing that is frustrating is that I can’t take Drivers-Ed until next spring and I won’t be getting my license until the summer before junior year.  I’m such a baby!


How can it be?

Sometimes homophones screw me up! The English language has no reasons sometimes…

Like ~ Extra Ordinary

& Extraordinary

Same pronunciation, word, and spelling but completely distant in meaning. When I think of “extraordinary” I think of an inconceivable no remarkable sight or thought. So, when I think of extra – ordinary I think of a “plane jane” turkey sandwich. Is that wrong? Sometimes I feel myself questioning things I say on a daily basis. The English language can be mind boggling sometimes! It is completely and utterly silly! I feel like I’m making something so simple, complex. As if I’m abnormal. “Oh no!”

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