Cotton Candy

I’ve never had cotton candy and I guess that makes me uncultured in that area of American culture.  It’s not that I’m afraid of its magical fluffiness or sneaky flavors.  I’ve just never really had the need to eat it or been given the opportunity.  Usually when I’m at the fair or somewhere that offers it, I find something better!  What’d you t think?  Do you think that I’m crazy?  Tell me!

– Madelyn

It looks untouchable!  Like, it isn’t something you should eat.  More like insulation to put in-between your walls!




I feel like there is something to say about mirrors.  No one talks about them?  Well.  I’m about too.  Are they  a piece of equipment used to be vanity stricken?  Are they a way to check and see if you look presentable?  If so, why must life always be “showy.”

Is life a fashion statement?  In my opinion clothes are something used to express yourself.  I don’t feel like make-up and clothes are something that should conceal us.  It should be something that enchances your natural beauty.

Well, what does that have to do with mirrors?  It’s is making the point that we live in a world that is all about looks and appearance.  We are very visual.  Thank God!  If a font looks ugly, I change it…  However!  In general, I couldn’t really  support the face that a visual society is all good.  It pressures people to change and warp themselves to fit in.  It pressures people to uniform.  You can give me the ho-sho about how we all have free will.  True!  Yes, we are all unique but if someone is too different, we definitely outcast and sooner or later the person has to change something.

Maybe I’m overcomplicating.  Maybe you have never thought about it.  Maybe this is all useless.



I’ve been thinking about the word lately and it has given me quite a bit of confusion.  They are these beautiful insects, right?  Well, why do we call them butterflies?  They don’t look like flies and they have nothing to do with butter.  I’m really getting quite annoyed with the English language.  What is including butter in the name doing for us?  Are we implying that they are overweight?  Who are we to say that a butterfly has clogged arteries?  Where does that leave us?  Uhhhh!!!

Another thing that is frustrating is that I can’t take Drivers-Ed until next spring and I won’t be getting my license until the summer before junior year.  I’m such a baby!


EOS Lip Balm

I’ve kind of always been a freak about lip balm and always having some with me.  I hate having chapped lips.  It’s kind of like a pet-peeve.  (That’s probably not spelled right.)  Anyway, I while ago I found this organic brand names, EOS.  It’s really moisturizing and it comes in spherical form.  I absolutely love it.  My favorite flavor is Lemon Drop (it’s the one with SPF 15) and I’m almost at the end.  I created this post because people have been asking me where to get it.  I got it at the Walgreens on Howell…  So, although they probably don’t have it anymore I’ve decided to give you a couple options!  There are some links below.  It’s not your regular $1.29 chapstick but if you’ve got hyper-sensitive skin like me you’ll love it!

That website will lead you to a map with all the stores that carry EOS products.  You can even just search for a single product.  Online is usually the best bet and they will give you some of those on the site, too!  Have fun and try it out…



Student Play Festival

Guess it’s time I filled you in…  I really should be working on a self-portrait that is due tomorrow.  However, if  you know me you’ll know that it is utterly impossible for me to focus on something for long periods of time for certain things.  Some things I can do but tedious things like shading my boring face just ticks me off a bit.  Sorry for leading by a bad example but I’m the procrastinating queen!  Need lessons?  Leave a comment.  Anyway, back to my story!

At PIUS…  Yes, PIUS.  I know how everyone hates the school but get over it!    At the end of the year after the big shows are over we have the, (drum roll) Student Play Festival.  It’s a series of short plays that are written, directed, and acted by students.  When you audition (any year can audition) you audition for all of them and they cast you in (if any) the one they’d like you in.  This year there were six plays.  I got called back and casted for Maccichi Zulu.  It’s about two lions that are in love.   So, there are two actors.  The lions are called Anshus and Dae.  I’m Dae.   The play is interpretive, so it tells a story using only movement and sound.  THERE IS NO TALKING.  It’s pretty cool and I’m having a great time.  It’s less intimidating to act in front of students, then some hoytie-toytie director.  It’s like hanging out.  Hope all my friends are having fun in high school.  You can do it!  I beg you to survive, it’s almost over!

I get out MAY 24th!  I’m so excited.

TALK!  I know you’re all out there.  If I can do it, you can do it.  Call me.  I’m lonely. JK

Love you all.  Blessings,


Loving Chicago

Every time I go to Chicago, I do something different. When I was younger, I went to the American Girl Doll Outlet. When I was older I liked going to Shedd’s Aquarium. Now, when we go to visit family we take the train and go shopping. However, out of all the times I’ve been to Chicago, the trip yesterday was spectacular and different. Navy Pier was so fantastic that I didn’t want to leave. Following Navy Pier came Magnificent Mile where we “shopped “til’ we dropped.” Most of us didn’t buy tons of stuff on Michigan Avenue because we “splurged” at Navy Pier. Nevertheless, it was tons of fun. There are two floors of Forever 21! We shopped at the building across from Bloomingdale’s. It had countless levels and half of our time at the building was spent riding the fun elevators and escalators. Overall, we had tons of fun even though it was raining! In fact, the rain made it an adventure! Thank you Mr. Skonecki and Ms. Mattson for planning this field trip. What did you do in Chicago?

~ Daisy

P.S. I can’t wait to go to Navy Pier again on a sunny day! (So I can ride the ferris wheel.)


As beautiful as they might seem, staplers are very dangerous.  Friday was great, don’t get me wrong!  But after a day (Saturday) of riding my bike in the rain all over “tar-nation” (to get milk) and getting soaked, Sunday seemed like a fantastic fresh start.  Little did I know that later that afternoon I’d be hostage to a whole lot of pain.  So, when my Mom decided to throw a rummage sale, me and Sam were sent all over the neighborhood to put up signs.  While on the corner of Howell and Oklahoma near a gas station with lots of traffic, Samantha dropped a sign and flew into the road.  She was sent chasing it and in the process she dropped the stapler we were using.  Guess where that stapler went?  Right under my foot!  When I stepped down I was shocked to see that a staple was in my foot!  “Owwwwwwwww!”  It took forever to pull it out and it hurt!  Lesson learned.  Don’t trust staplers or sisters.

~ Daisy

Stilt Fisherman

With all the technology that we have been introduced to in this generation, many of us don’t have to do it the hard way anymore… Theres pros and cons to that… For example, a pro with technology is the ability to do things more efficiently. A con to technology, is that over the years people start loosing their abilities to write with good penmanship and do a research paper without using GOOGLE. “What does this have to do with Stilt Fisherman Madelyn?”

Cultures, untouched by the overwhelming advances of technology can do things that Americans wouldn’t even dream of doing. I’m not blaming my lack of balance on technology but the fact that cultures can do it the hard way and carry on without complaining is truly an aspect of character that we need to grow a little on. Solar panels, wind turbines, and plasma screen TVs are all great, don’t get me wrong. I like watching the Superbowl just as much as any of you. But eventually people aren’t going to know how to do simple tasks like writing letters by hand…

Stilt Fisherman are my inspiration today. They carry on with tradition, they catch fish to feed their families, and they are happy just as they are… They don’t need anyone else to do it for them. Cultures and traditions like these are what make my day go round and inspire me to be as dependent and motivated as humanly possible…

~ Daisy

For more pictures, click here.

Veggie Tales

To be honest, whenever I watch the Veggie Tale episodes I laugh my socks off.  Yeah, its easy to get me to laugh but seriously…  The characters themselves are talking asparaguses and broccoli!  I think there is something pretty funny to say about that…  What do you think?  I mean, I enjoy the adventures that the mini yellow squashes have on the television but I have even more fun laughing at how silly the whole concept is.  Is that mean?  I love creativity but talking vegetables really tickles my funny bone.  What do you have to say about Veggie Tales?

~ Daisy


Most people immediately think about poison ivy when someone mentions, “ivy.”  But, ivy can be a beautiful thing. Some of my favorite houses have ivy amongst their exterior walls. There is something so beautiful to me about green lush ivy leaves on an old brick building. Maybe that’s just my weird wack-a-doodle self talking. Maybe I’ll take a picture downtown today of the beautiful ivy on the buildings and use it as my blog-header. How do you feel about the subject? Do you think ivy overwhelms and invades a house’s exterior walls? Or do you think it builds a buildings character like me? Comment and I might write a follow-up post based off your feedback…

~ Daisy

It’s Almost Here!

Summer is almost here!  Unlike most of us, I don’t have it down to the day but high school and summer seem closer than ever.  I saw a friend from Rufus King the other day and she got me excited.  With all the warm weather and the family baseball game yesterday (that was unbelievable fun) I can’t get enough of it.  Summer is crawling up on us, everyone!  I can feel the taste of lemonade, already!  If your like me, your probably overjoyed and overwhelmed with happiness.  If not, my sympathies…

~ Daisy


Glasses, aside from pins, are like the coolest thing ever.  It’s like nail-polish!  They can express your personality.  If I needed help to see clearly I definitely wouldn’t wear contacts!  What’s the point?  I’d want to wear glasses that make me unique.  Here are some examples of glasses that my friends like to wear…  If you’d like me to add you, simply comment with the type you like and a url of a picture you dig!

~ Daisy


Fun and colorful!




Norman Rockwell!




Was yesterday, “Put Your Kids to Work Day?” I swear, I must have done at least ten loads of dishes! I’ve done work before, don’t get me wrong. But ten loads of dishes is a little harsh for a daughter who hasn’t done anything wrong (recently) and deserves a relaxing weekend! Are there any perks to being the oldest child? Well, no bother complaining about it know. Thanks to the dishes, I forgot to upload my, “Weekly Fun w/ Mady 10” video. So, I apologize. I promise to post it tonight, though! So, check my blog out after school! Have fun and give it some thought…

~ Daisy

It is not as fun as she makes it out to be!

Apple Jacks

Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple Jacks! But what are we teaching our children? I mean, the cinnamon stick has an eyebrow piercing! Yes, we live in the 21st century and yes, piercings are fine once your a teenager. But little kids are munching on the cereal too! Little kids hold cereal box characters as heroes and ro-models! Are they going to start getting tattoos and piercings the “Cinnamon Stick Man” said it was okay? I don’t know about you, but I’m taking this very seriously. Even the Apple Jack commercials are violent! I don’t think little children as young as my sister need eyebrow piercings and to tell you the truth, the Apple Jacks Company is setting a horrible example! Give me a wholesome cereal box, please!

~ Daisy

Home Depot

Don’t you think it’s kind of odd that every time you plan out a blog post the day before, you forget entirely about it the next day. So really, its no use! Let’s get to the point, hence the title, “Home Depot.” Well, we finally picked out our carpet and paint for the third floor but whats even more interesting is what happened to my mother upon entering the flower center there.  So, she was looking at the orchids innocently, right?  They’re exotic plants so they’re real pretty and exotic.  She really loved this one that was a beautiful green and coral orange.  Getting to the climax here, I promise!  Being her curious self she went to sniff it and examine it’s unique center.  Shes a master gardener and she had never seen one before!  So while she was about an inch from the flower this huge exotic spider woke up and started stretching its legs.  My mother was so shocked that she said she jumped three feet high!  Though, that probably was an exaggeration…  She loves spiders and so she didn’t report it.  It must have been exotic!  Have you ever seen a green or pink spider around here that has perfect orchid camouflage?  It’s pretty creepy but all the same I’ve learned to just ignore bugs and let them live their life.  Pretty interesting story, don’t you think?  Comment on what you think!

~ Daisy

Yellow Rasberries

Did you know there is such a thing? Turns out there is a lot of stuff I don’t know! Don’t worry, I’m getting there. I learn something new everyday! No ground breaking news on whether or not they taste good. I mean, my Mom doesn’t like them but… Oh well, at least they exist! Who knows, maybe I’ll try one sometime.

For more pictures click here.


I think pins are like the coolest things in the world.  They not only serve as a fun expression but a cool accessory.  There are so many different option and you can even make your own!  Pin them on your jacket, your shirt, your hat or your wristband like me…  No matter what they’ll always be a fun necessity for me!

~ Daisy

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

How are you all? Well, I’m as peppy as ever… Though, these braces have been somewhat of a disappointment… I mean I couldn’t eat the chocolate covered strawberries at lunch! Whatever, who cares about food? With braces, eating isn’t ever fun or with pleasure. It’s more of a stupid task. They do feel cool though, and their hurting less!
I love St. Patrick’s Day… If you don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, you have the responsibility to remain happy for the remainder of the day! There is something about St. Patrick’s Day that makes it my favorite! Maybe it’s the green, maybe it’s the shamrocks and luck, and maybe it’s because of my Irish heritage but I just love it! Chicago loves it so much, they dye the river green! (I’ll get a picture tonight.) So long folks! I’ve got rainbows to ride and leprechauns to chase!
~ Daisy

P.S. Aren’t these socks, cool?

Groundhog’s Day!

I hate to bring it you like this but apparently we’ll be experiencing six more weeks of winter! That means bundle up until the 16th of March guys! “Why?” you may ask… Well, the two most famous groundhogs: Punxsutawney Phil from the United States and Wiarton’s Willie from Canada both saw their shadows today so six more weeks of winter for us! That means that St. Patrick’s Day marks the first day of Spring. Weird, huh… Well, I guess thats all for now folks! To cheer you up I’m making a countdown towards Spring unless of course your into polluted snow, barren trees and weather that wants to make you stay in bed all day. Talk to you later!

~ Daisy

If you want to go to the Groundhog’s Websites click here and here.

St. Patrick’s Day is 43 days away! Yipee! I can’t wait!

P.S. I think the guy holding the groundhog is kind of freak! Now I feel really bad for the groundhog. Hes being held like hes about to be thrown across a baseball field. Is that animal abuse? Maybe we should sue…