Cotton Candy

I’ve never had cotton candy and I guess that makes me uncultured in that area of American culture.  It’s not that I’m afraid of its magical fluffiness or sneaky flavors.  I’ve just never really had the need to eat it or been given the opportunity.  Usually when I’m at the fair or somewhere that offers it, I find something better!  What’d you t think?  Do you think that I’m crazy?  Tell me!

– Madelyn

It looks untouchable!  Like, it isn’t something you should eat.  More like insulation to put in-between your walls!



“Last and Final Trade”

I do sometimes regret giving Samantha the Coke-A-Cola ahead of time; because I think that not having it would have motivated her more quickly to come up with something.  But I truly think I gave it all for the past few weeks.  I was constantly trading or thinking about strategies.  Thinking about who would maybe want this thing and that…  First I traded a little five piece pack of gum for two beautiful bright button earrings.  Than the earrings became an expandable binder that was pink and full of flowers!  Then for a Coke-A-Cola!  And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…  Drum roll! (Please)  A pillow/radio.  Its pink!  It can be connected with a CD, MP3, I-Pod…  You pick the sound and transmitted through the pillow.  So that your favorite tunes can be heard throughout your room.  Plus its cozy! The only glitch is that you need the connection from the pillows chord to your device. Still its worth it!  I’m happy with my efforts and my results even though it wasn’t  a flat screen.  Thank you for the cool oppurtunity.  I didn’t know it was possible to trade like this.  I truly enjoyed this project.

– Mady


P.S.  Mr. Skonecki I’d love to try this again; now that we have the experience and new  strategies.

“Trade 5”

Samantha is so indecisive.  She is deciding between a whole bunch of things…  A “ginormous”  teddy bear, a bag of candy, and something else.  Its hard to keep track!  Oh,  some packs of gum!  I think this whole problem started; from me allowing her to drink the soda; in the first place.  If I didn’t give it to her right away, she probably would be more motivated to actually come up with something.  I know she has great things; and knowing Sam they are definitely worth a soda. (She loves Coke-A-Cola) I just have to convince her.   I don’t think it will be that difficult.  I have to work hard tonight, because tomorrow  we declare the winner.   Wish me luck, I’m going to need a lot of it. Although, I’m positive that if I get something out of Sam, I can use that with other people I know.   Which is fantastic because I’ll be seeing quite a vast contrast people today! See you tomorrow afternoon?  Yah!  Bye!

– Mady


Trade 4 1/2

Not time to get out the popcorn yet!  Still waiting on Samantha’s (better be impeccable; if its taking this much time) decision.  I’ll see you this evening when the real story will be unleashed.  Have a superb  day!

– Mady


Trade 3!


I hit the jack-pot!  I was in the bus line… When Samantha McGuire asked anyone if they would like to trade with her.  I was open to anything, so I told her about my floral print, pink expandable notebook.  She liked it and traded me a generic Cola soda for it.  It was awesome.  I was thrilled.  When I got to the bus line I asked Samantha if she would like it.  She immediately begged.  Knowing that she had some great things in her room, I traded with her.   She drank it, and treated me like a goddess. (She loves Coke-A-Cola)  She didn’t have anything worth while in her backpack but she promised she would give me something after swim practice.  So… I was patient.  When we got home, I think I might have been half dead.  It was late.  So, I forgot about the whole trade in general.  Later today, during our five minute recess, I reminded Samantha that she owed me.  So after school, me and her are going to go rummaging through her room.  I’m going to find something great!  I mean after all, in terms of middle school; a soda is a big deal.  Especially to Sam.  I’ll be back with more news.  This has been Madelyn reporting from TMJ4.  Just kidding.  See Ya!

– Mady


Trade 2

This morning, I traded those same earrings to Ashley. I mentioned them to her on Friday and she sounded interested!  She loved the idea of buttons made into earrings.  I kind of liked them myself, nevertheless she gave me a pink expandable notebook for it!  I was really excited to see it had, a floral pattern on it.  I immediately thought of my sisters.  I know Sam or Sophie will love it.  If not, I’m sure I can get a friend to trade with me.  Its in pretty good shape, and still has places to slip subjects into the labels.  I’m really excited about this project!  I really want to go far, see if I can use some strategies to work to my an advantage.  Like trade something to someone you know will absolutely love it!  I’m so anxious to get home and keep working at it.  I would love to end up with something spectacular!  Thanks for listening, got lots of work to do!

– Mady


Trade 1 1/2

As you probably all know, based off my latest post…  I know have the possession of some button earrings.  Yesterday, I wasn’t able to trade with anyone at home because they were my sister’s earrings and Sophia didn’t want anything. ( I really didn’t want anything of hers anyway.)  A couple of my friends were actually interested, but being me I had to be”silly” and forgetful and leave them on my dresser.  What is funny about it was that I actually had them in my hands as I was about to leave the house, but for whatever reason I decided to go back to my room and change my shoes.  God!  No worries, I’m just going to have to make up for it over the weekend;  its actually better this way anyway cause I’m going to see a bigger variety of people this weekend.  I’ll be back Monday with a lot more trades!

Thanks for Listening!

Peace Out!

– Mady

P.S.  Visitor you will understand this blog better if you read over my blog post – Trade 1.  Have a great weekend!


Trade #1

This Thursday morning, was one of those mornings when you just have a weird feeling, almost like your forgetting something!  So when I got on the “excruciating long” bus ride, I spent a while dwelling on the subject, cause it just bugged me! As I was staring at the Milwaukee’s autumn scenery, I discovered that I neglected to keep persisting Sam, to trade something for my paper-clip.  Samantha in deed wanted  my paper clip, when I pointed out that she could use it to hold together her project; nevertheless she didn’t want to give up anything.  Then “out of the blue”  I felt something in my pocket!  A pack of “Big Red” gum.  Knowing Sam, at about this time…  Half asleep she would do anything for a pack of a gum.  I didn’t tell her what kind of gum it was, because I didn’t know if she preferred this or not.  Plus, I desperately needed something out of her, so I didn’t want to spoil anything right away.  I wanted to play along.  She ended up giving me a pair of dangling bright button earings that she “never wears.”  (I don’t know why.)  I think the fact that it was early in the morning helped a bit, plus Samantha loves gum!

– Mady

P.S.  If your a visitor and are just visiting my blog, this is all about an economics project were doing in school.  Its based off of this guy that was able to trade a paper-clip for a house!  Oops, I forgot to mention that tit was a red paper-clip!