Last Weekly Fun w/ Mady!

It might be the last Weekly Fun w/ Mady.  Watch all sixteen videos on my page!  Have fun this summer.  Love you all…

~ Daisy



Have any of you heard that old song, “867-5309.”  I’m not sure if that’s the actual title of the song but it’s a pretty dominant verse in the song.  It occurred to be, not to long ago, that my locker itself is part of that song!  I feel so special.  My locker # is 309!  Ironic, huh?  Speaking of lockers, I should probably start cleaning out mine.  It’s going to take a while…   I’m not a slob, it’s just that the shelf that I have put in my locker keeps on falling and I have just concluded that it is not worth the stress.  I’m not going to keep on rearranging it, just for it to fall again!  So, I just let everything tumble to the bottom of my locker.   Oh, well!  “Pick your battles.”

~ Daisy

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I Saved a Turtle

I know it’s kind of late but I’ve had so much to blog about lately!  I can’t get it all into one post…   One thing I meant to tell you on Monday, was that I saved a turtle!  Yah, no joke.  It was on the highway coming home from my Grandparent’s (dad’s side) house in Big Bend.  It wasn’t enormous but fairly big.  It was scared at me at first.  One of its arms had been run over so I wanted to get it to a nearby pond.  That way it wouldn’t be road-kill again.  When I tried to pull it out of the grass I realized it had a great grip but I eventually got him and when I did, he went into his shell.  I put him in a pond by my grandparent’s  house and we all lived, “Happily Ever After!”  As far as I know…   I feel like a hero!

~ Daisy


Most teenagers my age would swallow down an Easter basket in no time but I still have left over candy!  Come to mention it, most of the candy the Easter bunny delivered was pez!  I love pez.  The fun containers are handy and portable and whenever you want a craving you can pop the one of the little bit sized candies (numerously flavored) into your mouth.  Did you know that they have chocolate flavored pez?  All this talk of pez is inspiring me, really.  Maybe I’ll start a collection of pez containers or waffle down a package when I get home.  Whatever the case I hope you comment, rate, and enjoy some pez this summer.

It’s such a cool word, “pez!”

~ Daisy

P.S.  This weekend was jam-packed with homework! 😦

Theres seven more days until Graduation!

Stilt Fisherman

With all the technology that we have been introduced to in this generation, many of us don’t have to do it the hard way anymore… Theres pros and cons to that… For example, a pro with technology is the ability to do things more efficiently. A con to technology, is that over the years people start loosing their abilities to write with good penmanship and do a research paper without using GOOGLE. “What does this have to do with Stilt Fisherman Madelyn?”

Cultures, untouched by the overwhelming advances of technology can do things that Americans wouldn’t even dream of doing. I’m not blaming my lack of balance on technology but the fact that cultures can do it the hard way and carry on without complaining is truly an aspect of character that we need to grow a little on. Solar panels, wind turbines, and plasma screen TVs are all great, don’t get me wrong. I like watching the Superbowl just as much as any of you. But eventually people aren’t going to know how to do simple tasks like writing letters by hand…

Stilt Fisherman are my inspiration today. They carry on with tradition, they catch fish to feed their families, and they are happy just as they are… They don’t need anyone else to do it for them. Cultures and traditions like these are what make my day go round and inspire me to be as dependent and motivated as humanly possible…

~ Daisy

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I know the lilac, crab, and magnolia tree seasons are well over but there are a couple stragglers… Those stragglers are making my day! Whenever I’m having a hard and frustrating day like this one; nothing puts my mind more at peace then the smell of a lilac tree! Fragrant, purple, and sweet… What smells make you smile?

~ Daisy


I went swimming yesterday and better yet, I didn’t get sunburn. It was after school and therefore we didn’t have to put any on. It was refreshing and wonderful. I practiced diving,some laps, and had some “noodle wars”… I love swimming if you haven’t already noticed. I felt bad for Samantha the whole time because she had got sunburn at track and could barely swim. Anyways, it was nice to visit with my grandparents and get some time to relax. Believe it or not, I’m in a wonderful mood! I hope it doesn’t get spoiled by some catastrophe… Now I’m going to conclude this post before any “jinxing” happens!

~ Daisy

Look, mermaids!

Water Fight

Due to the great weather we had yesterday and today my family had a water fight! It all started when I was about to record, "Weekly Fun w/ Mady 14." I didn’t really notice my Dad’s plot until I saw him with a huge bucket of water. Before I knew it, believe it or not, he was pouring all of that cold water on me. I guess I was a little frustrated because I would soon have to record the video with wet hair and the lap top could have broke, but it felt really refreshing! In fact, I had fun… Guess what? Both my grandparents have pools and one of them opened theirs up early. I plan to go swimming a couple times this week. It is going to be so much fun… How did your weekend go?

~ Daisy

Weekly Fun w/ Mady 14!

Sorry to the non-raisin lovers and people who are allergic to raisins!  If you’re confused then go ahead and watch the video!  Most likely, you are confused.  If you’d like to view the video from my channel or subscribe click here.

Birds and Freeways

My mother had the weirdest encounter on the freeway yesterday.  Out of the blue, without warning or signal a bird came crashing through her window!  What would you have done?  Screamed, yelled for help, swerved out of control and crashed, or simply ignored it….  Well, my mother (the dare devil, nature girl) screamed at the top of her lungs until the bird flew away.  She was so scared that she didn’t even recognize what the bird was.  Not to worry, the bird got off the floor, jumped on the seat and flew off into its flock in the sky…  No harm done.  But, it just goes to show you how out-of-character you can behave when unexpected events unfold.  Thank you!  I’ll be here all night…

~ Daisy

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Veggie Tales

To be honest, whenever I watch the Veggie Tale episodes I laugh my socks off.  Yeah, its easy to get me to laugh but seriously…  The characters themselves are talking asparaguses and broccoli!  I think there is something pretty funny to say about that…  What do you think?  I mean, I enjoy the adventures that the mini yellow squashes have on the television but I have even more fun laughing at how silly the whole concept is.  Is that mean?  I love creativity but talking vegetables really tickles my funny bone.  What do you have to say about Veggie Tales?

~ Daisy


Today, brownies are the bomb! I mean my favorite food changes from day to day, but today I have a sweet tooth. Liking brownies today might have to do with my mom making a huge yummy batch, but I don’t know… They are the best! Their fudgy, moist and chocolaty! I know it’s a sin to lust for something but her brownies are truly like a bit of heaven. It’s magical! Do you like brownies?

~ Daisy


I can’t wait until graduation! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll miss all of you but I really have the itch to start new and put myself in a different world. I want a fresh start! I know a lot of you feel the same way… In fact, many of my friends are very excited about picking out classes and electives for high school. Graduation will be great and I’m singing! Early, I’m going to wish you a great summer! Love you all! Well some of you… Just kidding!

~ Daisy

Weekly Fun w/ Mady 13!

I hope you had tons of fun this weekend!  I know I did.  But we’ll talk about this later.  For now, enjoy the video!

~ Daisy

Fortune Cookie Madness

Don’t get me wrong, Chinese food is fabulous. But when Wong’s Wok staff doesn’t put fortune cookies in your take-out bag, your whole dinner is ruined!  What were they thinking?  Were they trying to rip us off?  What Chinese Fast-Food restaurant doesn’t give their customers fortune cookies?  What is this?  We usually get extra because they want to get rid of them!  Who cares if they’re all broken!  I don’t care, I just want the cool fortune!  They may be little but they make my day and for them to rip off my family and wreck our my dinner like that was completely ridiculous.  I hope you all got a laugh out of this bazaar and unfortunately true story.

~ Daisy

Bare Feet

I get in trouble all the time fore never wearing coats and refusing to wear socks and shoes out of the house (aside from school.) I don’t know what my deal is. I love the feeling of cold grass, dew, sand and sidewalk on my feet! Is that wrong? In my opinion, that’s how it was. Not that I’m calling myself a cave woman or anything but thats how it was back then. People didn’t go hunt down mammoths in Nike’s and Adidas’s! Hmmmmm… I going to have to think on the subject a little longer but all in all I don’t think its wrong to be bare feet or to hate socks or to dislike shoes. Its the gypsy coming out in me! That reminds me… I wanted to share a song with you… It’s one of my favorites. Gypsy by Shakira. Tonight I’ll try to post that song on my blog! “Ta Ta my friend!”

~ Daisy

Tomatoes vs. Ketchup

All my life I’ve been the kind of person to like things like banana bread and ketchup but not like their sources. Some of my friends are like that but I feel the need to get it out there because I’m totally freaked out be it! How can someone love a product but not love its source. It’s totally wacky but at the same time it makes sense. For instance, I don’t like bananas because of their texture but love my Mom’s banana bread because it might have the taste but it gets rid of that weird texture. Am I weird? Am I going totally bonkers? Are you that kind of person? Comment and help me cope with this condition!

~ Daisy

Happy Birthday Sara!

Yes, it is Sara’s Birthday and in celebration I’d like to dedicate today’s post to Sara in the hopes that it will cheer her up. I’d be pretty bummed too if my birthday fell on a scummy day like this. If you’d like to be a good person and help me cheer her up please sing along… “1,2,1,2,3,4… Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday dear Sara… Happy Birthday to you!” Thank you to those who did sing it for real or in your head, it probably means the world to her. If you didn’t sing then you have issues. Just kidding! Have a marvelous day Sara and everyone else…

~ Daisy