How is your summer going?

Mines going great considering the fact that I’m doing nothing but swimming at the beach and the pools!  The weathers been great regardless of the exciting thunder storm two days ago and I’m making money with baby-sitting and other jobs.  Could it get any better?  I’m supposed to go to Toy Story 3 with Ashley and Kiley on Tuesday and I plan on lots of fun, a trip to Door County and lots of sleepovers with cousins.  So, let me ask you again…  How is your summer going?

~ Daisy

I wan’t these sunglasses!



As beautiful as they might seem, staplers are very dangerous.  Friday was great, don’t get me wrong!  But after a day (Saturday) of riding my bike in the rain all over “tar-nation” (to get milk) and getting soaked, Sunday seemed like a fantastic fresh start.  Little did I know that later that afternoon I’d be hostage to a whole lot of pain.  So, when my Mom decided to throw a rummage sale, me and Sam were sent all over the neighborhood to put up signs.  While on the corner of Howell and Oklahoma near a gas station with lots of traffic, Samantha dropped a sign and flew into the road.  She was sent chasing it and in the process she dropped the stapler we were using.  Guess where that stapler went?  Right under my foot!  When I stepped down I was shocked to see that a staple was in my foot!  “Owwwwwwwww!”  It took forever to pull it out and it hurt!  Lesson learned.  Don’t trust staplers or sisters.

~ Daisy

In the Shower…

The weekend was pretty good I guess, considering that I was basically babysitting my little sister the whole entire weekend! But last night was the worst! First in the shower, my Mom decides to creep up on me and scream so that I basically collapse with a combination of laughter and fright. Then my sister decides to take a pitcher of cold (freezing) water and pour it on me from the outside of the shower. It was crazy! Then, my older sister Samantha decides to talk and fidget throughout the bed the whole night. So, if I come to lunch with bags under my eyes and without a pep in my step please know that it is not from old age! What did I ever do to deserve this? How was your weekend?