I know!  It’s been forever and I need to get better @ this.  I promise I will try harder.

Anyway, who’s excited for Thanksgiving?  I have a five day weekend because I get Monday off!!!!!  On Thursday I’m going to my Mom’s side and then my Dad’s side.  On Friday I’m going to Minnesota for two days to see my cousin preform at UMN.  I’m pretty siked!  Then on Monday we might go to Chicago.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?  Are you obsessed with the turkey or do you dig into the green bean casserole like me?  I like everything and I wait 365 days to get this kind of food so my portion control might be a little unbalanced.

I know I’m making this post super long but am I the only one that categorizes the houses I go to during Thanksgiving.  It’s like my Mom’s side is always fun.  I have cousins who are around my age and we have lots of fun.  However, it’s kind of like a pot-luck where everyone brings in something.  Sometimes this goes bad because someones on a diet kick and made the mashed potatoes or someones on that South Beach Diet and decides to bring in brick hard stuffing.  Then theres my Dad’s side where there really isn’t much to do but eat because all of it is handmade my my Grandma!!!  I feel like a nerd for getting this all down to a science; yet, somehow I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has opposites for extended families.

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I miss you guys!

– Mady



Loving Chicago

Every time I go to Chicago, I do something different. When I was younger, I went to the American Girl Doll Outlet. When I was older I liked going to Shedd’s Aquarium. Now, when we go to visit family we take the train and go shopping. However, out of all the times I’ve been to Chicago, the trip yesterday was spectacular and different. Navy Pier was so fantastic that I didn’t want to leave. Following Navy Pier came Magnificent Mile where we “shopped “til’ we dropped.” Most of us didn’t buy tons of stuff on Michigan Avenue because we “splurged” at Navy Pier. Nevertheless, it was tons of fun. There are two floors of Forever 21! We shopped at the building across from Bloomingdale’s. It had countless levels and half of our time at the building was spent riding the fun elevators and escalators. Overall, we had tons of fun even though it was raining! In fact, the rain made it an adventure! Thank you Mr. Skonecki and Ms. Mattson for planning this field trip. What did you do in Chicago?

~ Daisy

P.S. I can’t wait to go to Navy Pier again on a sunny day! (So I can ride the ferris wheel.)


I think I’ve blogged about Chicago before!  Yah, cause I was just looking at the link and it states, “! I love Chicago…   I cant wait until the 8th grade field trip.  Chicago is such a great city.  It’s way bigger than Chicago and in addition, there are so many fun things to do.  On, “Student Off Days” my Mom takes us down there to see my Aunt Lorelei and her family and we have a blast!  I think one of the things I’d love to do besides shopping is ride the ferris wheel at Navy Pier!

~ Daisy

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

How are you all? Well, I’m as peppy as ever… Though, these braces have been somewhat of a disappointment… I mean I couldn’t eat the chocolate covered strawberries at lunch! Whatever, who cares about food? With braces, eating isn’t ever fun or with pleasure. It’s more of a stupid task. They do feel cool though, and their hurting less!
I love St. Patrick’s Day… If you don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, you have the responsibility to remain happy for the remainder of the day! There is something about St. Patrick’s Day that makes it my favorite! Maybe it’s the green, maybe it’s the shamrocks and luck, and maybe it’s because of my Irish heritage but I just love it! Chicago loves it so much, they dye the river green! (I’ll get a picture tonight.) So long folks! I’ve got rainbows to ride and leprechauns to chase!
~ Daisy

P.S. Aren’t these socks, cool?

St. Patrick’s Day!

There are so many things to love about the holiday whether your Irish or not! I mean Chicago loves it so much, they die their river green! I mean, who doesn’t love St. Patrick’s Day? The leprechauns, the rich green color, the feeling of spring, my Great Grandma’s birthday, the clovers, McDonald’s Shamrock Milkshake and more! Speaking of milkshakes, I just had a homemade strawberry one last night. I can’t wait to try the “Shamrock Milkshake” at McDonalds, though… People are raving about it! What do you like about St. Patrick’s Day or do you prefer to just call it a regular day? Have fun exploring the capital with the map I’ve embedded.
~ Daisy
P.S. The map will not show up embedded in my blog because of’s malfunctions, so visit at home. (By the time you’ve done that, I’ll have had time to fix up my blog at home by adding “prettiful” colors and pictures!)