Water Coloring

I’ve been doing a lot of water-coloring lately.  Were going to Door County soon! (July 5th-July 17th) I am so excited!  We go up there every July and for the past few years I’ve been water-coloring like crazy.  This year, however, I want to sell my watercolors up there.  A lot of the locals know me, and I think I might sell a few.  It’s worth a shot and it’s more for fun anyhow!  What are your plans for the rest of the summer?  Have any adventures you’re dying to vent about?  Either way, check out my comment bar or use the blue stars to rate!

~ Daisy

The famous Door County cherries!

Want a cherry pie recipe from a Door County Blog?  I demand you click here.


I’m in <3!

Though I have no idea what he looks like and what he is all about I am entirely in love with Greg James! In our car we have XM radio and there just so happens to be a British Radio Station available on it. (BBC) Sometimes, I catch myself turning the channel on not to hear the music play but to wait for the breaks so that I can hear him introduce a new song. Ashley and Sara both think I’m crazy but I absolutely adore his voice! Its amazing!! I know while reading this post your all thinking, Madelyn’s such a dork! She doesn’t even know what the stupid guy looks like… Maybe I am… But I believe in fantasies! And if thats not ok with you all, than I guess you’ve never dreamed at night! Though, it may be funny I’m completely satisfied with just the sound of his voice. (His wonderful, amazing voice…) Ahhh… I don’t need a picture or a background check just his amazing accent. Well, I don’t want to get you all too freaked out with that lovey-dovey stuff especially since it is not even Valentine’s day so ta ta! Rock on to the UK!

~ Daisy

In the Shower…

The weekend was pretty good I guess, considering that I was basically babysitting my little sister the whole entire weekend! But last night was the worst! First in the shower, my Mom decides to creep up on me and scream so that I basically collapse with a combination of laughter and fright. Then my sister decides to take a pitcher of cold (freezing) water and pour it on me from the outside of the shower. It was crazy! Then, my older sister Samantha decides to talk and fidget throughout the bed the whole night. So, if I come to lunch with bags under my eyes and without a pep in my step please know that it is not from old age! What did I ever do to deserve this? How was your weekend?