I know!  It’s been forever and I need to get better @ this.  I promise I will try harder.

Anyway, who’s excited for Thanksgiving?  I have a five day weekend because I get Monday off!!!!!  On Thursday I’m going to my Mom’s side and then my Dad’s side.  On Friday I’m going to Minnesota for two days to see my cousin preform at UMN.  I’m pretty siked!  Then on Monday we might go to Chicago.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?  Are you obsessed with the turkey or do you dig into the green bean casserole like me?  I like everything and I wait 365 days to get this kind of food so my portion control might be a little unbalanced.

I know I’m making this post super long but am I the only one that categorizes the houses I go to during Thanksgiving.  It’s like my Mom’s side is always fun.  I have cousins who are around my age and we have lots of fun.  However, it’s kind of like a pot-luck where everyone brings in something.  Sometimes this goes bad because someones on a diet kick and made the mashed potatoes or someones on that South Beach Diet and decides to bring in brick hard stuffing.  Then theres my Dad’s side where there really isn’t much to do but eat because all of it is handmade my my Grandma!!!  I feel like a nerd for getting this all down to a science; yet, somehow I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has opposites for extended families.

Text me, call me, email me, comment, rate!

I miss you guys!

– Mady



Water Coloring

I’ve been doing a lot of water-coloring lately.  Were going to Door County soon! (July 5th-July 17th) I am so excited!  We go up there every July and for the past few years I’ve been water-coloring like crazy.  This year, however, I want to sell my watercolors up there.  A lot of the locals know me, and I think I might sell a few.  It’s worth a shot and it’s more for fun anyhow!  What are your plans for the rest of the summer?  Have any adventures you’re dying to vent about?  Either way, check out my comment bar or use the blue stars to rate!

~ Daisy

The famous Door County cherries!

Want a cherry pie recipe from a Door County Blog?  I demand you click here.

Weekly Fun w/ Mady 13!

I hope you had tons of fun this weekend!  I know I did.  But we’ll talk about this later.  For now, enjoy the video!

~ Daisy

Fortune Cookie Madness

Don’t get me wrong, Chinese food is fabulous. But when Wong’s Wok staff doesn’t put fortune cookies in your take-out bag, your whole dinner is ruined!  What were they thinking?  Were they trying to rip us off?  What Chinese Fast-Food restaurant doesn’t give their customers fortune cookies?  What is this?  We usually get extra because they want to get rid of them!  Who cares if they’re all broken!  I don’t care, I just want the cool fortune!  They may be little but they make my day and for them to rip off my family and wreck our my dinner like that was completely ridiculous.  I hope you all got a laugh out of this bazaar and unfortunately true story.

~ Daisy


Was yesterday, “Put Your Kids to Work Day?” I swear, I must have done at least ten loads of dishes! I’ve done work before, don’t get me wrong. But ten loads of dishes is a little harsh for a daughter who hasn’t done anything wrong (recently) and deserves a relaxing weekend! Are there any perks to being the oldest child? Well, no bother complaining about it know. Thanks to the dishes, I forgot to upload my, “Weekly Fun w/ Mady 10” video. So, I apologize. I promise to post it tonight, though! So, check my blog out after school! Have fun and give it some thought…

~ Daisy

It is not as fun as she makes it out to be!

My Tiara

Many of you are probably gazing at my cute purple tiara, wondering why in God’s name I’ m wearing it, right? Well, let me answer that quickly. No, it’s not my birthday. Actually, my sister’s was yesterday. No, I’m not a princess (though I’d like to be)and no, I’m not seeking attention. Wearing this tiara was a spur of the moment and wearing it makes me feel special! Come on guys, isn’t it fun to dress up once in a while and be little again? The reason I wore this tiara was to prove that though I’m almost fourteen I can still have just as much fun as I did years ago without being embarrassed! So, there you go! I hope your satisfied with my response and who knows, maybe everyone will start to wear tiaras like Lydia and I! Maybe after wearing one you’ll feel happy enough to stop gossiping and causing drama in this school! Sorry, my sarcasm goes overboard quite quickly. I’m just sick of everyone starting things and never being satisfied unless some kind of stupid argument is going on. Thank you all for excepting my tiara into your world. Now, have fun watching this week’s video!

~ Daisy


I think pins are like the coolest things in the world.  They not only serve as a fun expression but a cool accessory.  There are so many different option and you can even make your own!  Pin them on your jacket, your shirt, your hat or your wristband like me…  No matter what they’ll always be a fun necessity for me!

~ Daisy

Spring Break!

Have fun everyone!  I hope all of your Spring Breaks are full of excitement and fun…  Enjoy, the nice weather.  Heres a shocker!  I watched the news this morning and were supposed to have fair weather all weekend.  On Monday and Tuesday their predicting rain and theres a slight chance for a thunderstorm but I love the rain!  I sing in the rain like the Broadway actress!  Probably not as well, but who cares!

Sara is the winner of the “6th Weekly Fun w/ Mady” video because she posted not only one, but two photos!  Thanks for participating, Hailey and Sara!  I loved all of your photos, especially Reba!  Speaking of Sara, I feel so slow.  I just found out what, “tilt shift” means and I posted a picture of the Ohio State Fair I made on the site.  Ashley, Edhela and I think it turned out pretty well!  Have fun and enjoy your time off!

~ Daisy

Weekly Fun w/ Mady 5!

Better late than never!  Only by a day, though…  Feel free to glance at last week’s too! (We still don’t have a winner, yet…)

~ Daisy

P.S.  Sorry about my weird schedule.  I’ve sort of been out of the whole blog thing for a few days because of the businesses and malfunctions of “wordpress.”  Please forgive me!

St. Patrick’s Day!

There are so many things to love about the holiday whether your Irish or not! I mean Chicago loves it so much, they die their river green! I mean, who doesn’t love St. Patrick’s Day? The leprechauns, the rich green color, the feeling of spring, my Great Grandma’s birthday, the clovers, McDonald’s Shamrock Milkshake and more! Speaking of milkshakes, I just had a homemade strawberry one last night. I can’t wait to try the “Shamrock Milkshake” at McDonalds, though… People are raving about it! What do you like about St. Patrick’s Day or do you prefer to just call it a regular day? Have fun exploring the capital with the map I’ve embedded.
~ Daisy
P.S. The map will not show up embedded in my blog because of’s malfunctions, so visit at home. (By the time you’ve done that, I’ll have had time to fix up my blog at home by adding “prettiful” colors and pictures!)


Hi! Thanks everyone for taking part in my videos… I love doing them and I’ve decided to make them weekly instead of daily. You see, Ashley and I were talking it over during in lunch and it turns out I still want to keep this a journal as well so I’ll continue to write and express myself while the videos get posted on the weekend. So every Monday you’ll have a new riddle or puzzle, okay? Thanks Cassidy! You have been so nice to me all year and now your promoting my blog! How can I ever thank you? As far as whats happening now shop is well complicated and school is the same as ever: fun at times but boring for the most part. Sorry that there is no picture right now. Tonight you’ll have one because I’m fixing my blog up at home since that seems to be the only place works! ❤ Ya! Maybe I’ll even make a different page that posts all my “Weekly Fun with Mady” videos. I’ll check up with you tomorrow! Hang loose! (Hailey and I are looking at a picture of Honolulu.)
~ Daisy

4 Day Weekend!

Everyone is so ecstatic about the four day week end coming up! It’s going to be like two weekends in one! I can’t wait to relax and sleep past 5 a.m. I’m also excited that theres actually more than nothing to talk about. We won 2nd place in the volleyball tournament (29:27), I’m practicing my Forensics piece on Alice and Wonderland, it’s Ms. Clark’s last day 😦 and now this! I don’t know what to do with myself! I can’t believe it! Why can’t I have more blogging days like this more often. So, I guess I have nothing to complain about, I mean its been a two day week… I am kind of sad I missed the so called, fun day yesterday (apparently there was a lot of free time) but playing volleyball practically all day was worth it. I guess that’s all I’ve got today, sorry about the lame picture but MPS is blocking all the good ones. Are you excited for the weekend?

~ Daisy