Student Play Festival

Guess it’s time I filled you in…  I really should be working on a self-portrait that is due tomorrow.  However, if  you know me you’ll know that it is utterly impossible for me to focus on something for long periods of time for certain things.  Some things I can do but tedious things like shading my boring face just ticks me off a bit.  Sorry for leading by a bad example but I’m the procrastinating queen!  Need lessons?  Leave a comment.  Anyway, back to my story!

At PIUS…  Yes, PIUS.  I know how everyone hates the school but get over it!    At the end of the year after the big shows are over we have the, (drum roll) Student Play Festival.  It’s a series of short plays that are written, directed, and acted by students.  When you audition (any year can audition) you audition for all of them and they cast you in (if any) the one they’d like you in.  This year there were six plays.  I got called back and casted for Maccichi Zulu.  It’s about two lions that are in love.   So, there are two actors.  The lions are called Anshus and Dae.  I’m Dae.   The play is interpretive, so it tells a story using only movement and sound.  THERE IS NO TALKING.  It’s pretty cool and I’m having a great time.  It’s less intimidating to act in front of students, then some hoytie-toytie director.  It’s like hanging out.  Hope all my friends are having fun in high school.  You can do it!  I beg you to survive, it’s almost over!

I get out MAY 24th!  I’m so excited.

TALK!  I know you’re all out there.  If I can do it, you can do it.  Call me.  I’m lonely. JK

Love you all.  Blessings,




I can’t wait until graduation! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll miss all of you but I really have the itch to start new and put myself in a different world. I want a fresh start! I know a lot of you feel the same way… In fact, many of my friends are very excited about picking out classes and electives for high school. Graduation will be great and I’m singing! Early, I’m going to wish you a great summer! Love you all! Well some of you… Just kidding!

~ Daisy

It’s Almost Here!

Summer is almost here!  Unlike most of us, I don’t have it down to the day but high school and summer seem closer than ever.  I saw a friend from Rufus King the other day and she got me excited.  With all the warm weather and the family baseball game yesterday (that was unbelievable fun) I can’t get enough of it.  Summer is crawling up on us, everyone!  I can feel the taste of lemonade, already!  If your like me, your probably overjoyed and overwhelmed with happiness.  If not, my sympathies…

~ Daisy