Last Weekly Fun w/ Mady!

It might be the last Weekly Fun w/ Mady.  Watch all sixteen videos on my page!  Have fun this summer.  Love you all…

~ Daisy


Hello, Everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve written last. Actually, Monday was my most recent post! Thanks for loving my tiara, everyone… I’ve decided to say, “Hello” in Polish, considering that I haven’t said it on my blog in a while. Hey! If your feeling in the mood, why don’t you comment by saying, “hello” in a different language than Polish of English? It will be fun!

Dzien Dobry!

~ Daisy

Weekly Fun w/ Mady 3!

If you didn’t get a quick chance to see the video I posted on Wednesday early here is the week of Monday the 29th’s video!  Enjoy and good luck.  You can also get easy access to all my videos on the separate page I’ve put up titled, “Weekly Fun w/ Mady!”   I’ll check in with you later…

18 more days until St. Patrick’s Day!