As beautiful as they might seem, staplers are very dangerous.  Friday was great, don’t get me wrong!  But after a day (Saturday) of riding my bike in the rain all over “tar-nation” (to get milk) and getting soaked, Sunday seemed like a fantastic fresh start.  Little did I know that later that afternoon I’d be hostage to a whole lot of pain.  So, when my Mom decided to throw a rummage sale, me and Sam were sent all over the neighborhood to put up signs.  While on the corner of Howell and Oklahoma near a gas station with lots of traffic, Samantha dropped a sign and flew into the road.  She was sent chasing it and in the process she dropped the stapler we were using.  Guess where that stapler went?  Right under my foot!  When I stepped down I was shocked to see that a staple was in my foot!  “Owwwwwwwww!”  It took forever to pull it out and it hurt!  Lesson learned.  Don’t trust staplers or sisters.

~ Daisy


Is Swonderful a Word?

This weekend was wonderful. On Friday, we went to see Avatar at the Milwaukee Public Museum in I-Max 3-D because it was my Dad’s birthday! Both the movie and the cake were amazing… On Saturday I went to the State Forensics Meet in Neenah, WI (a thousand miles a way from here) and had a blast.  The T-Shirts we got today (that I’m wearing now) are totally wicked!   Sunday, my sisters and I hit Humbolt Park and failed at tennis but redeemed ourselves in a bubble blowing competition. Overall, my weekend was great and as a bonus I finished all of my homework! I think I deserve a round of applause! I’m in such a good mood and as far as I know everyone isn’t too ticked of f which is, swonderful!
~ Daisy
P.S. Don’t forget to check out this week’s , “Weekly Fun w/ Mady” video. I think you’ll all have fun with it. …