Something to Celebrate!

Don’t let this stop you from checking out this weeks’ video, “Weekly Fun w/ Mady 3” but I can’t help but sharing all the things worth celebrating!
My snowbird Grandma’s birthday is today and we sent her flowers, I have a new comment from elsewhere and the Vancouver Olympics have ended leaving America with a number of gold medals! Though, Canada one last night in Hockey… I mean, they deserve it! They have some great players on the NHL. Speaking of the Olympics, my parents attended their friend’s party! They throw it every time the Winter Olympics hits! Everyone represents a country in the Olympics and you bring in an ethnic dish. My parents represented the Australian Team. It was pretty funny. I was kind of also depressed because I couldn’t eat any of the great smelling food my parents cooked for the party, either!
My weekend was great besides the fact that it was packed with concerts and games! Is anyone’s birthday coming up? How was the buffet? Let me in on all the scrumptious details! As usual or what seems like forever I have no beautiful colors or a picture for you but I promise to fix that as soon as I get home!
~ Daisy

Isn’t this cool?  Someone sculpted it out of ice in honor of the olympics!  Give em’ a round of applause!


Weekly Fun w/ Mady 3!

If you didn’t get a quick chance to see the video I posted on Wednesday early here is the week of Monday the 29th’s video!  Enjoy and good luck.  You can also get easy access to all my videos on the separate page I’ve put up titled, “Weekly Fun w/ Mady!”   I’ll check in with you later…

18 more days until St. Patrick’s Day!

My Life…

Today, I went to a dentist appointment that I really wasn’t aware of but nevertheless I have no cavities! Lunch was great even though I didn’t get to spend it with you guys and my orthodontist appointment ironically got rescheduled again to next Wednesday. No promises though, considering that this was like the third time my appointment got rescheduled. 😦
Tomorrow I have a concert so wish me luck! Speaking of luck, St. Patrick’s Day is twenty days away! Can you believe my Great Grandma’s birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day? I have to sing on her birthday, what song should I sing?

Oh, I posted the next, “Weekly fun w/ Mady!” They have their own page now… No hints, though! I’m making you work for the title know. Post the correct answer on the page, first and win next week’s title. The reason for me posting so early was because I thought I’d be absent today and tomorrow. Good luck and enjoy!
~ Daisy


Hi! Thanks everyone for taking part in my videos… I love doing them and I’ve decided to make them weekly instead of daily. You see, Ashley and I were talking it over during in lunch and it turns out I still want to keep this a journal as well so I’ll continue to write and express myself while the videos get posted on the weekend. So every Monday you’ll have a new riddle or puzzle, okay? Thanks Cassidy! You have been so nice to me all year and now your promoting my blog! How can I ever thank you? As far as whats happening now shop is well complicated and school is the same as ever: fun at times but boring for the most part. Sorry that there is no picture right now. Tonight you’ll have one because I’m fixing my blog up at home since that seems to be the only place works! ❤ Ya! Maybe I’ll even make a different page that posts all my “Weekly Fun with Mady” videos. I’ll check up with you tomorrow! Hang loose! (Hailey and I are looking at a picture of Honolulu.)
~ Daisy

In Honor of Victoria!

Not that I don’t like Never Shout Never but she is truly a devoted fan! 75% of what she talks about is her favorite bands, including this one so I’ve decided to include a video. Hope you get to watch it soon… Its just him live singing, Trouble! The song is awesome, I love listening to it on my I-Pod Dock! Enjoy!

~ Daisy

P.S. I’m trying to make my posts a little shorter for your sake! Hope you like it!