EOS Lip Balm

I’ve kind of always been a freak about lip balm and always having some with me.  I hate having chapped lips.  It’s kind of like a pet-peeve.  (That’s probably not spelled right.)  Anyway, I while ago I found this organic brand names, EOS.  It’s really moisturizing and it comes in spherical form.  I absolutely love it.  My favorite flavor is Lemon Drop (it’s the one with SPF 15) and I’m almost at the end.  I created this post because people have been asking me where to get it.  I got it at the Walgreens on Howell…  So, although they probably don’t have it anymore I’ve decided to give you a couple options!  There are some links below.  It’s not your regular $1.29 chapstick but if you’ve got hyper-sensitive skin like me you’ll love it!

That website will lead you to a map with all the stores that carry EOS products.  You can even just search for a single product.  Online is usually the best bet and they will give you some of those on the site, too!  Have fun and try it out…






Flossing with braces is a nightmare! First, you take a “floss looper” and strand some floss through. Then, you have to try to shove the whole thing under your braces. It’s a pain in the neck and it takes forever, literally! Though, these braces are definitely helping me in the long run, their making everything a hassle. Even, brushing is a crisis. You have to use this special tooth brush and hold it on each tooth for five seconds. I swear, when all is said and done and I get these things taken off (in two years) I would have spent nearly a week’s worth of time brushing and flossing. If you don’t believe me, head on over to the sixth grade and Samantha (my sister) will say the same thing. So, don’t take normal brushing and flossing for granted!

~ Daisy

P.S. I had pancakes for breakfast!

P.S.S. Have you ever seen Cupcake Flavored Floss at Walgreens?