Water Coloring

I’ve been doing a lot of water-coloring lately.  Were going to Door County soon! (July 5th-July 17th) I am so excited!  We go up there every July and for the past few years I’ve been water-coloring like crazy.  This year, however, I want to sell my watercolors up there.  A lot of the locals know me, and I think I might sell a few.  It’s worth a shot and it’s more for fun anyhow!  What are your plans for the rest of the summer?  Have any adventures you’re dying to vent about?  Either way, check out my comment bar or use the blue stars to rate!

~ Daisy

The famous Door County cherries!

Want a cherry pie recipe from a Door County Blog?  I demand you click here.


Is Swonderful a Word?

This weekend was wonderful. On Friday, we went to see Avatar at the Milwaukee Public Museum in I-Max 3-D because it was my Dad’s birthday! Both the movie and the cake were amazing… On Saturday I went to the State Forensics Meet in Neenah, WI (a thousand miles a way from here) and had a blast.  The T-Shirts we got today (that I’m wearing now) are totally wicked!   Sunday, my sisters and I hit Humbolt Park and failed at tennis but redeemed ourselves in a bubble blowing competition. Overall, my weekend was great and as a bonus I finished all of my homework! I think I deserve a round of applause! I’m in such a good mood and as far as I know everyone isn’t too ticked of f which is, swonderful!
~ Daisy
P.S. Don’t forget to check out this week’s , “Weekly Fun w/ Mady” video. I think you’ll all have fun with it. …