Loving Chicago

Every time I go to Chicago, I do something different. When I was younger, I went to the American Girl Doll Outlet. When I was older I liked going to Shedd’s Aquarium. Now, when we go to visit family we take the train and go shopping. However, out of all the times I’ve been to Chicago, the trip yesterday was spectacular and different. Navy Pier was so fantastic that I didn’t want to leave. Following Navy Pier came Magnificent Mile where we “shopped “til’ we dropped.” Most of us didn’t buy tons of stuff on Michigan Avenue because we “splurged” at Navy Pier. Nevertheless, it was tons of fun. There are two floors of Forever 21! We shopped at the building across from Bloomingdale’s. It had countless levels and half of our time at the building was spent riding the fun elevators and escalators. Overall, we had tons of fun even though it was raining! In fact, the rain made it an adventure! Thank you Mr. Skonecki and Ms. Mattson for planning this field trip. What did you do in Chicago?

~ Daisy

P.S. I can’t wait to go to Navy Pier again on a sunny day! (So I can ride the ferris wheel.)



You know those great fireworks that you can hold in your hand?  They look like wands and they’re called sparklers…  I love them!  We had like a ton left from last year so we used them last night on Samantha’s birthday and we had a blast.  What is your favorite type of firework?

~ Daisy


Yesterday was so much fun! I confirmed my Mom’s addiction of flowers, went to a greenhouse,  and played outside all day.   Could it have been a better day?  She bought enough flowers to cover our whole car yesterday! Boy, this weather is great! Later today I promise to post some pictures I took yesterday. It’s my sister’s birthday today (the one you sang to in lunch) and she’s having some friends over, so that will be fun… “Ta ta for now, everyone!”  I’ll tell you how the party went tomorrow!  “Tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow…  If only a day away!”  (That’s a very old, but catchy and unforgettable tune.)

Weekly Fun w/ Mady 10!

Here it is, as promised yesterday!  Sorry about the hold up but if you read yesterday’s post you’ll understand!  Thank you and have a spectacular day!  Remember to direct your comments of the video to this post’s comment line!

~ Daisy


Was yesterday, “Put Your Kids to Work Day?” I swear, I must have done at least ten loads of dishes! I’ve done work before, don’t get me wrong. But ten loads of dishes is a little harsh for a daughter who hasn’t done anything wrong (recently) and deserves a relaxing weekend! Are there any perks to being the oldest child? Well, no bother complaining about it know. Thanks to the dishes, I forgot to upload my, “Weekly Fun w/ Mady 10” video. So, I apologize. I promise to post it tonight, though! So, check my blog out after school! Have fun and give it some thought…

~ Daisy

It is not as fun as she makes it out to be!

I can’t wait!

I can’t wait for the javascript to get back to normal so that all (some of them, have been fixed) of “wordpress’s” problems can get fixed. That way, everything can go back to fun daily blogging.  I can’t wait for Spring. I can’t wait to make massive bubbles outside with our new bubble sticks. It seems like there is so much fun waiting ahead, for me… I can’t wait for the smell of hyacinth and tulips but most of all I can’t wait till’ Spring Break and Easter! What are you excited about?
~ Daisy
P.S. Wasn’t it warm and beautiful yesterday?  Do you think this bubble is legitimate or fake?