Another Illusion…

I promise I’ll put something a little more interesting up tomorrow.  I’ve got an idea for tomorrow’s but the thing is…  I don’t really have anything to talk about today.  I mean lunch is always fun but other than that everyone is pretty bored.  Whats with the overlapping of projects?  First we get a 60’s collage.  Then, before it’s even over we get a Brain Project.  Than, we had a couple of huge essays.  Now, were writing Constitutions and making Memory Collages.  I love projects don’t get me wrong but don’t throw them at me all at once!  Everyone is getting irritated and overwhelmed so I thought I’d make everyone happy again with another optical illusion…

~ Daisy

Instructions:  Immediately!  Which do you see first, the two faces or the vase!


2 thoughts on “Another Illusion…

  1. tht is weird but i already know it and it isnt tht hard 2 figure out . Luv the pic and it really shows the faces 2


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