I’ve been thinking about the word lately and it has given me quite a bit of confusion.  They are these beautiful insects, right?  Well, why do we call them butterflies?  They don’t look like flies and they have nothing to do with butter.  I’m really getting quite annoyed with the English language.  What is including butter in the name doing for us?  Are we implying that they are overweight?  Who are we to say that a butterfly has clogged arteries?  Where does that leave us?  Uhhhh!!!

Another thing that is frustrating is that I can’t take Drivers-Ed until next spring and I won’t be getting my license until the summer before junior year.  I’m such a baby!



Another Illusion…

I promise I’ll put something a little more interesting up tomorrow.  I’ve got an idea for tomorrow’s but the thing is…  I don’t really have anything to talk about today.  I mean lunch is always fun but other than that everyone is pretty bored.  Whats with the overlapping of projects?  First we get a 60’s collage.  Then, before it’s even over we get a Brain Project.  Than, we had a couple of huge essays.  Now, were writing Constitutions and making Memory Collages.  I love projects don’t get me wrong but don’t throw them at me all at once!  Everyone is getting irritated and overwhelmed so I thought I’d make everyone happy again with another optical illusion…

~ Daisy

Instructions:  Immediately!  Which do you see first, the two faces or the vase!